Emilie Madsen


I am a Danish Copenhagen-based designer. In the summer of 2023, I completed my Bachelor in design from The Royal Danish Academy, with focus on furniture and material design. During my studies, I have been drawn to textiles as a material and have wanted to learn more. My interest lies in the specific structure of the textile. Weaving seems to me as an inexhaustible area of knowledge, that I just want to learn more about. Seeing weft and thread meet and create paterned surfaces is fascinating. My designs center around the choice of materials and colors. I have a burning desire to utilize materials to their fullest. As a trained furniture designer, I am particularly interested in how textiles can be included as three-dimensional object in everyday life. I learned the great lessons about textile structure, spaciousness, and choice of materials during my bachelor thesis, where I designed a bench with a textile surface. I became proficient in weaving and mastering a dobby loom, and also experienced in semi-digital looms.