Ten years of passion and commitment, a group of textile entrepreneurs and friends and the support of Unindustria Como. These are the actors involved in the creation of comON, the first "creativity sharing" system in Europe. The aim is to bring local and international talents to the attention of companies in Como’s business district, but also promoting Como as a leading city in the fashion and design industry.

Unindustria Como has contributed to the project by involving a selection of companies and promoting the dialogue between the industry and the young creatives through internships and individual projects as well as by supporting the students during their Italian stay.

Team Members

Project leader: Andrea Taborelli (Tessitura A.M. Taborelli Srl)

Accounts (Unindustria Como) : Guido Tettamanti, Stefano Rudilosso, Erica Premoli

Accounts (School and Universities): Federico Colombo (Penn Italia Srl), Paola Moretti (Tintoria Moretti Srl), Cristina Zanfrini (Zanfrini Srl), Laura Clerici (Teseo SpA), Chiara Pozzi (Textra Srl) e Davide Gobetti (Studio Gobetti).

Head of Communication: Shanti Rigamonti (Tintoria e Stamperia di Lambrugo SpA)


Some numbers

10 editions (the 11th in 2008)

57.000 people attending the events

100 panels, meetings, happenings and public events


32 schools involved in the project, with 5 high schools and 27 universities

220 fashion designers involved in the Creativity Week


10.700 visitors on the website

3.256 fans on Facebook

Marco Taiana

Paola Moretti

Andrea Taborelli

Federico Colombo

Davide Gobetti

Cristina Zanfrini

Laura Sofia Clerici

Chiara Pozzi