Sakshi Sharma


I’m a Textile designer by profession and a gardener at heart. Nature has been my biggest inspiration and the driving force behind all my creative work. Many years back, when I started my own garden is when I discovered the joy of growing plants. 
Since then, my aim has been to merge these two passions into my professional work to create textiles using unconventional methods that are not only inspired by nature but use real natural elements like flowers, leaves an nuts in their living, dried or preserved form as a part of their construction.
I enjoy working with my hands and believe the joy of creating is in the process. I use Material exploration and fabric manipulation to embellish textiles and create 3D surfaces using unconventional embroidery techniques. I was born and raised in India, where I was taught to embroider by my mother when I was very young. It is a skill that I have been practicing ever since and it is, to this day, my most effective and natural form of expression.
The purpose of my work is to push the boundaries of what we think a material can do. Any given material can produce far more outcomes that what it is traditionally used for & by merging various mediums together, innovation & possibilities can be endless.