Coline Le Roux

Canepa SpA

I am a print and textile designer who graduated from the Textile Design Master at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles.

During my studies, I explored a lot of different textile techniques such as weaving, machine-knitting, and screen-printing, but I’ve always found a bigger interest in drawing and creating prints, especially for the digital medium.

My research is developed within a design framework, but I also consider my creations as plastic researches around drawing, color, and printing mediums. That’s why in each of my projects, the first step of the design process is always a graphic research by hand to keep a handmade feel in the finished work.

I’m also interested in perfecting my knowledge of the industrial process of digital printing, as I feel it’s necessary in order to bring a more experimental approach in my work. Thus, I also consider digital printing as a technique that can be used in an artistic framework.



ArBa-Esa Bruxelles