Saskia De Kinder

Ostinelli Seta SpA

As long as I can remember, drawing has always been my passion.  This practice was deeply rooted in me even before I discovered textiles 6 years ago. Drawing was actually the decisive factor in my choice to study textile design. Indeed, my sketches often tended to superimpose, to repeat themselves in rhythms that can be attributed to the patterns conception .    

After a complete curriculum having learned to work on the encounter of materials to create elaborated textile structures through different processes, I wanted to go further, by learning the technique of Jacquard weaving. Technique that allows complex textures to be worked on without any constraints in terms of patterning.

By choosing to work with the Jacquard weaving technique, I naturally returned to my first strengths, which were those related to drawing. I have finally found a medium that allows me to combine my two passions : textiles and drawing.

I gave to this encounter the form of a triptych. Three parts, to evoke a serial but unique aspect, where a dialogue is present between each of the parts. Those figurative codes, borrowed from my sketchbooks, are transcribed into a more «textile» language to give shape to new patterns, and in this way creating abstract landscapes.