Barbora Chvátalová

Neon 1872 Srl
Czech Republic

What is our world woven from?

What is hidden under the first layer? 

These are the questions, which are related to the way I see the world, but also to the textiles themselves. I usually try to see things that are not visible at first sight. Since I have been creating and making textile crafts for uncountable hours, I started to love the process, where I am connected to the material itself and where something is growing right under my hands. It begins at my high school (Secondary art school of textile craft), where I worked mainly with bobbin lace technique and it continued on to my university (Technical University in Liberec), where I been acquainted with weaving and knitting technology, as well as printing techniques such as screen printing. During my bachelor thesis, I touched the deep roots of textile crafts in my country and I really appreciate our past textile designers and artists such as Marie Teinitzerova, Antonin Kybal and Marie Sedlackova- Servouskova. They have inspired me and gave me the courage to continue in this tradition even though it is an unusual way. 


Bachelor Degree in Textile Design at the Technical University of Liberec