Sanna Ahonen

Teseo SpA

I am a Helsinki-based textile designer just finishing my master’s degree in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design at Aalto University. During my studies, I have gathered a vast knowledge of various textile techniques and have come to realize that my interests lie especially in textile structures and storytelling through textiles. Since the first time I sat in front of a loom, I have been profoundly fascinated by weaving. I learned the basics of weaving on dobby looms and have since then applied that knowledge on increasingly advanced structures on jacquard looms. I enjoy the problem solving involved in creating layers, floats, and ripples in woven textiles by carefully placing picks and ends. The technique itself is a big inspiration to me, but apart from that, my work is often inspired by everyday peculiarities, literature and textile history. 



Master's Degree in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design at Aalto University