Aida Matuseviciute

Tintoria e Stamperia di Lambrugo

I am a fashion and textile designer fascinated by the dynamic of color, materiality, and forms. In a lot of my work, I focus on prints and surface design, as well as garment construction and material manipulations. I use color and print as tools for storytelling through design. When creating print, I pay acute attention to the dialogue of elements I listen to the conversation and follow the natural rhythm of different segments. While fascinated by the form and intuitive flow of seamless repeats, I aim to express effortless movement. I enjoy playing with the depth of the pattern by customizing layers and colors. I have a fascination for modern ornamental yet flowing designs, as well as simple abstract and fresh forms. Likewise, I love the process of making, and I approach my work diligently with compassion and an open heart. 



Masters Degree at AAlto University