Roberta Fox

Teseo s.p.a.
United Kingdom

"I am a print and material-led designer with a strong eye for detail and colour. I have recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a First Class Honours Degree. I exhibited my collections at New Designers and Texprint, both in London and will be exhibiting at Premiere Vision Paris. I am inspired by my urban surroundings and particularly drawn to highlighting the beauty in the unconsidered, everyday, overlooked objects, textures and shapes that go unnoticed in our day-to-day lives. My findings are recorded through photography and observational drawing which I then manipulate in abstract ways using various materials to create large-scale collages and bold graphic patterns that I translate onto silk-screens. Creating striking, sophisticated, fresh colour is an important part in my work. New and exciting colour combinations are created through my knowledge and control of dye which I layer, conceal, reverse and add to, to create more real and vibrant colours than is possible to render digitally.

Constant experimentation, risk-taking and engaging in a hands-on approach is key to this process of design. This approach along with meticulous research allows me to create distinctive luxury fabrics with a hint of playfulness.

Because of the colours I use and handcrafted shapes in my collections, my designs are suited to both an interior and fashion context."


BA (Hons) Textile Design
Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh, 2014-2017
First Class Honours

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
Kingston University, 2012-2013