Malu Lücking

Taroni s.p.a.

 "I am a student of textile and surface design in my 4th year at the art school in Berlin Weißensee.

During my time in the Textile and Surface Design department, I discovered how the haptic of certain materials influences the way I want to work with them. Thus, the starting point of my projects always engage with a hands-on investigation and research about how fabrics and materials physically feel to me. 

The particular focus of my work is how we can combine nature and design.  Or how nature can inspire and inform our design processes. I like to work with organic materials, colours, shapes and patterns that appear in nature.

I have a big interest in machine knitting and weaving.

The understanding of this techniques provides an important background for me to bring into my interest of working with organic materials. It creates a range of possibilities to combine multiple materials so that new properties can be discovered.

I see the qualities of my work in the discovery of details."



2014- Today, Kunsthochschule Weissensee- Berlin,