MJ McKasiarz

Clerici Tessuto & C.
United Kingdom

“To accomplish the perfect perfection, a little imperfection helps.” - Dejan Stojanovic

"I am experienced multi-disciplinary surface designer, whose research lead practice explores layers, textures and colour for luxury textiles. I am curious research lead designer, inspired by cultures and traditions to architecture and arts, combining references from contemporary and classic style.

When collecting my research photography I am visiting a varied industrial sites around Europe, including abandoned hospitals, asylums and warehouses. The inspiration is not only drawn from the visual aspects of these ruins but the history, traditions and cultures of these forgotten places. Although these places have been discarded by people, their beauty is sustained and enhanced by nature. When viewed in combination with natural scenery, these places are visually and emotionally a spectacular source of inspiration for me. When researching and capturing the visual research I carefully study this for texture, shape and colour. This practice often gives me unexpected discoveries, which inform my textile designs.

My textiles place an emphasis on the technical aspects of processes and materials used, keeping colour and texture at the heart of the design process.

The materials I am using to construct my textiles are sourced sustainably, are produced without any harm to animals and are environmental friendly. I’ve incorporated the circular economy model within my process; reusing materials from recycled mattresses, industrial waste and remnants of materials collected during the projects. Techniques I am using are includes layering, bonding, foiling, slashing and fraying in collaboration with machine and hand embroidery".




Glasgow School of Art

BA Textile and Design (Hon) 2018