Lisa Darland


"My name is Lisa Darland and I am currently studying my Master at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK), Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a exploratory textile designer that like to experiment with the meeting between color, patterns and tactility. My focus is to create textiles that enriches peoples haptic experiences of every day life. I find inspiration in nature, the movements created by nature and it´s habits to change and be changed by energy and over time. My appreciation for nature and our surroundings has also given me a dedication to stretch the way we think and create textiles, towards a more sustainable production.

Through drawings and illustrations I create patterns and compositions which expressions are enhanced through dyes, materials and structures, and turned into textiles. By using both digital and hands-on techniques I create textiles with the notion of handmade but trough modern production methods".


Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Textile design MA 1st year student