Camille Guiraud

Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga s.p.a.

"My name is Camille Guiraud, I have just completed my studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels were I've acquired skills in weaving, silkscreen, pattern creation and textile ennoblissement. 

As a textile designer I take pleasure in searching and experimentation, I like playing with a structure, geometry and colors. Superpositions, reflections, contrastes and movements are notions that I often use in my work. I enjoy employing any object to help myself in patterns, making an ink stamp by hand to mixing textures for example. I like starting with a small element and play with it on software. 

During my time studying I’ve develop a particularly attraction on weaving. I’ve found an authentic pleasure in the production process and results that we can obtain with mixed/crossed yarns."  



ARBA-ESA Bruxelles
2018 master textile design