Nicolas Guignon

Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga s.p.a.

"I am studying at La Cambre National School of Visual Arts in Brussels. I am even creating my own textiles. I often draw inspiration from nature, and I play the notions of natural / artificial to lead to new textiles in many colors and textures. These then become textile clothing, surfaces in architecture or are sufficient in themselves.One of my projet is name "neofur"This fur reconstituted and improved, presents shades, organic patterns, more or less random, which constitute to themselves a complex organisation close to bird feathers or reptile scales. Neofur presents similar particularities to natural fur, as the double identity, but is in the same time the opposite because it doesn’t use animal resources.” i call it a “new beast” with a “skin totally recyclable"."

2015-2017: Master Design Textile, ENSAV La Cambre Brussels
2013-2015: License Design Textile, ENSAV La Cambre Brussels 
2010-2012: BTS Option Fashion Design Textile Design, La Martinière Diderot Lyon